Want to take a walk by bike? Want to discover places which are full of the nature and culture? "La Loire à Vélo" is for you !

Biking in the Loire (La Loire à vélo) is an immense cycling tourism with 800 kilometers, a unique cycling itinerary in France. Built in both directions, it crosses the regions of Center and Pays de la Loire. It sparkles with the longest river of France, the Loire, this valley of wonders whose banks have an inexhaustible mine of treasures.

From Bouchemaine, move around on the banks of the Maine until its confluence with the Loire, true paradises of birds. Enjoy a beautiful view at a break stop in the village of La Pointe. Continue to Savennières, a famous vineyard. Possibility to reach the island of Béhuard, " small characteristic city " - Distance: 7 km - Duration of the tour: 0 h 50.


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