The Chenin is directly pressed after the successive harvesting process, after 12 hours of clearing grape juice, the fermentation with indigenous yeast lasts about one year in vats or oak barrels depending on terroirs.  Juices from each micro-terroir are identified and vinified separately. After 18 months of aging in lees, the malolactic fermentation is carried out.

All of this allows the wine to acquire its roundness, complexity, and charm.

Characters of Chenin and terroir are respected by a gentle, long and non-interventionist aging.

Our cuvées "Les Genêts" and "Le Bel Ouvrage" are the judicious assemblages from our different terroirs.

"Les Genêts" mainly come from sandy soil that covers the schist in phtanite area. "Le Bel Ouvrage" is an assemblage of two types of terroir: the rhyolite (magmatic rocks presenting at the entrance of the village Epiré), the schist which is visible on the ground surface. The marriage of juices from these two terroirs brings our wines the power, flesh and tension.

"Savennières Roche-aux-Moines" is a terroir which is exposed in south-south-east and composed of silt and sandy schist for its basement.


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